Comment by Naomi Lowinsky

Dr. Naomi Lowinsky is a much-cited authority in Motherless-Daughter literature as well as the author of two volumes of poetry.  Her latest book is The Sister Below (King Fisher Press: 2009.)

“Tracy Koretsky makes spirited poetry out of what might have crushed her: early mother loss, a neglectful father, a dangerous brother, a terrible stepmother. She is a girl with a slingshot, who refuses to be bullied by life’s assaults. She is a woman at mid-life, consulting her mirror, tracing her “ordinary history of scars.”

Hers is a vernacular voice; we are gripped by story.  Hers is an elegiac voice; we are gripped by grief.  Hers is a mythic voice; we are transported by the power of her language. We are moved by her tenacity and her tenderness, by the sheer vitality of these poems, and the life force that pulses through them.”